Company Profile

“We improve healthcare delivery by using Cutting Edge Technology”

AME International GmbH (AME) is a global healthcare technology solution provider based in Vienna, Austria.
Founded in 1995, AME International GmbH was established by a seasoned team of experts with extensive know-how in developing, implementing, operating and financing international health care projects.
AME acts as an independent integrator for complex health care technology projects, providing state of the art medical technology solutions. By taking a comprehensive and integrated approach to client needs and offering custom tailored solutions, we create sustainable benefits for our clients and improve health care delivery.
Technical Expertise
Our technical expertise and project management capabilities are supported by a strong financial background and access to project financing.
Continuous investment in research, development, training and technology partnerships ensures sustainability and high investment security to our clients.
The patient is the core focus of our services. Gender equality and non-discriminatory behaviour are highly promoted issues within the organization. AME believes that basic and advanced training measures, as well as employee motivation, are key ingredients to the success of any company. Mutual respect, tolerance for others, partner trust, and knowledge of general, regional, political, tax-related and fiscal conditions, are the main contributors to AME’s success.

To round off its customer services, AME also provides access to project financing for both soft loans, as well as commercial export credits supported by the Austrian government. Moreover, AME encompasses an excellent network, including both local (Austrian) and international financing institutions.

AME’s corporate strategy has always been to go where the projects are and to establish substantial local operations for the assurance of continuity and service excellence.