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AME on Compliance

Anything we do must be in the best interest of our clients and their patients. However, our attitude towards Bribery and Corruption is clear. We do not engage in any form of Corruption practices, nor do we tolerate it by our Business Partners.

We conduct our activities in line with all applicable laws and regulations, and our own AMECF, which closely corresponds with the ISO 19600:2014-12 and ISO 37001:2016-10 Standards. On 28th June 2017 AME and its Anti Bribery Managmeent System got successfully certified under aforementioned Standards – as first small and medium-sized company in Austria.

AME operates in some challenging commercial markets, where Corruption could be part of the local business tradition. This shall not be an excuse for us, neither for any of our Business Partners. We expect anyone working for us and with us to recognise the responsibility and to share our approach to Corruption and ethical standards.

Our AMECF, supported by the respective Policies, shall provide anyone at AME and our Business Partners with guidance and a broad understanding of the importance of Anti-Corruption measures being installed at AME.

AME Compliance Framework