Digital Health Solutions

  • Integrated Hospital Information System
  • National / Regional EHR
  • Implementation & Project Management
  • Maintenance, Support & Operation
The concept of Digital Health includes all use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the health and medical care sector. Digital Health services facilitate the simple and secure exchange of essential health data between healthcare providers within and between countries. The services can be used by countries wishing to exchange information electronically for research, follow-up or quality comparison purposes.

AME – in its role as an independent system integrator is a global pioneer in implementing highly complex systems, such as seamless and fully integrated Digital Health solutions incorporating electronic health records across all levels of healthcare provders, ranging from primary clinics to tertiary hospitals. Comprehensive patient information, at the fingertips of medical staff, benefits all healthcare stakeholders, and, most of all, the patients.
eHR Infrastructure Solutions
  • Interoperability backbone
  • Structured eHR record based on Open eHR Systems
  • Integrated front-end application development tools
  • Terminology server
  • Network infrastructure & data center
National/Regional Digital Health Solutions
  • Medical data exchange solutions based on IHE standard
  • Imaging solutions
  • Integration to clinical applications
  • Front-end applications for primary care clinics
  • Strategy development
  • Requirement analysis/specifications
  • Implementation and training services
  • Support services