Hospital Selayang – Total Hospital Information System (T.H.I.S)


Construction of the 960 bed General Hospital Selayang, including implementation of a Total Hospital Information System (T.H.I.S.) as the first film- and paperless Hospital in Malaysia and South East Asia.

 This Project was a fully turn-key project and a demonstration project for the whole South East Asian region.

The scope of services covers the software and hardware for following key items

  • EMR – Electronic Medical Record
  • PACS – Picture (images) Archiving and Communication System
  • RIS – Radiological Information System
  • LIS – Laboratory Information System
  • PIS – Pharmacy Information System
  • HIS – Hospital Information System, incl. Patient Administration
  • Critical Care System (for ICU/CCU/HDWS/OT’s)
  • Administration & Financial Systems
  • Human Ressource Management System
  • Material Management System

Team Vantage

  • Planning and Design
  • Procurement and supervision of installation
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Commissioning and handing over total medical equipment




Government of Malaysia (JKR/MOH)


Turn-key Contractor RADICARE, AME as Sub-Contractor


1996 – 1999